Frequently Asked Questions

Peculiar visitors

Are children welcome ?

Yes of course, we have several facilities for them. They will have games available and a great original garden. However, you have got to monitor a little because this garden, all staircases and terraces, is not free from dangers.

May I bring my pet...?

No, to avoid any health problem or allergy, our cat itself has no right to venture into the guest rooms.

I am disabled, can you get me?

The house has rather steep and narrow stairs, we must be able to accommodate in: it is still possible with crutches, but not with a chair. Two bedrooms are on the first floor, a third in the second.

We are cyclists, can we come home?

Of course, your bicycles will be stored in our garage, you can clean them with the water jet, expand your laundry to dry ... and Poitiers is accessible on foot in 15 minutes.

We are bikers... ?

Your bike will find its place in the garage ...

Peculiar situations

Is the house suitable for a stay?

In addition to your room, you have the common areas: living room, kitchen and dining-room, a library with games, yard, garden ...

We look for a house, can you accommodate us?

No, we do not offer this option. For us, service is all inclusive: beds, towels, breakfast, cleaning ...

However, a self-service kitchen is available for your meals.

We are a large family or group of friends, we would like to privatize the house, is this possible?

You can book three rooms and have all the space for you alone, you will be quiet and independent. Only a tenant residing here sometimes cross your living room to access the street.

The Futuroscope

Is the Futuroscope accessible by public transport?

Yes, a bus leaves from the bridge Blum (10 minutes walk) and stops right outside the entrance of the Futuroscope. Please note there is no shuttle on Sunday evening.

We go directly Futuroscope in the morning and we return late at night, how to get the key?

In this case, we suggest that you pass the morning take the key before visiting the Futuroscope or at dinner. Then you will be independent.

How to dinner outside the park or in the guest house?

Ask to make a temporary exit, you can return after dinner.

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How to book ?

Check the website the availability of a room. If you are a couple, it's easy. If you are 3 or more, call us for details and eventually find the most suitable solution to your needs.

When my booking is definitely considered?

When you received our confirmation email, the bedroom is for you. For this booking becomes final, it is then that you notify us of a deposit within 3 working days. Otherwise, your reservation may be canceled.

If I cancel my trip, is my deposit refunded?

Yes if you cancel 5 days before your arrival.

Arrival and departure

What time can we come?

Rooms are available for 5PM. You can take the key until 9PM. If you plan to arrive outside these hours, thank you to contact us.

Can we arrive at any time between 5PM and 9PM?

Yes in principle. Notify still in advance of your arrival time, otherwise you might find us away.

Can we take the room earlier?

This will depend on our schedule. If the room is ready, it will be gladly. Otherwise, you can still take the key and leave your luggage.

Can we leave the room late?

No, this leaves us too little time before the arrival of new guests.


Is the request for payment by credit card secure?

Yes, it meets current safety standards and the payment page is entrusted to the online payment leader. The information in your credit card are kept secret by this company.

On site, can I pay by credit card?

Yes. Visa, Mastercard, Amex are welcome

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Booking: +33 6 76 46 18 09

27 av de Paris ; F-86000 Poitiers

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