A few words about history

The place called "les Trois Fontaines" really existed.


On the cadastre of Napoleon, this place is 350 m from us, the current No. 75 on the Avenue de Paris (formerly "high road"), where a path winds from the Avenue de Paris until at Porteau.


A fountain is also mentioned to the left of 66, a few steps from our house. This fountain still exists, and just down some steps to get there.


In front of the fountain, corresponding to the current 39, was a taxe office ("octroi"): this is where goods entering Poitiers were taxed. This local tax disappeared in France after the Second World War, in 1948.


The house is in reality between two localities: the Petite Vacherie (to Paris, 29 and perhaps also our number, 27) and the "Roulage accéléré" (to Poitiers, 23 and 25 ).

Formerly, "roulage" designated taxi transporting goods by horse and buggy. At the end of the 19th century, the ordinary "roulage" roamed 30 to 40 km per day, while driving accelerated going up to 75 km per day: Paris-Poitiers in 4 days! Since we made some progress! This suggests that in the early 19th century, 23 and 25 numbers included stables, hay barns, goods storage sheds ... The numbers from 30 to 66 were the "Gardens of the roulage."


As for the house itself, it goes back to 1900, and on aerial photographs of Geoportal, we can note some stages of successive enlargements from the original construction, still unchanged in 1924. Small curiosity: on "rue de la Cueille", at number 12, a door locked now allowed to go down in our garden: we always see her doorway.



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27 av de Paris ; F-86000 Poitiers

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